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Investment and export readiness programs

Structured support programs to assist early stage, high growth businesses with capital raising and international market entry.

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Is your technology and business team ready to go global?

We review your systems and platforms to ensure that your business can handle the added complexity and workload of an international expansion.

We work with your team to develop and implement smart, affordable market entry strategies that leverage government programs and support for maximum efficiency.

Selling locally is very different from selling internationally.  Appetites for risk, reliance on relationships and the way that goods and services are procured can vary greatly country to country.  We work with you on sales and business development strategies based on the economic, social and political factors that influence the market you are entering.

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Getting Investment Ready

Being Investment ready is so much more than having a great pitch deck


We work with you to understand and create your business model, growth model and financial model.

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We help you develop KPI’s and tracking metrics for your business, so that you and your investors can monitor your growth.

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We help you to assemble the reports and documentation you need to respond to analysts and satisfy due diligence.

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